Monday, 6 August 2007

Bananas vs. chicken curry - the laxative challenge

Bananas or a chicken curry? Which would do it for you?

On 'doctor's orders' an Indian man in custody for stealing a necklace - which he swallowed shortly before being apprehended by the police - was forced to eat fifty bananas as a laxative.

Fifty bananas! The world's gone nuts! Or bananas even! Why couldn't they have just gone to the chemist's and bought some real laxatives?

Unsurprisingly the bananas didn't work and Sheikh Mohsin was still in possession of the necklace, which the police had seen via an x-ray. Next up on the laxative list was the curry. Police gave the would-be thief a chicken curry with some nan bread. Unsurprisingly, that did the trick and the necklace was soon retrieved, albeit in a slightly worse than shop-soiled state.

In another bizarre twist, the thief himself was forced to wash the necklace before it was returned to its rightful owner.

Full story on the BBC.

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Anonymous Aussie said...

Bloke was obviously a Muslim (judging from his name). I bet if he wasn't one, he wouldn't have been treated so bizarrely. I'm not condoning the criminal's behavior, nor making a judgment call on the police. I just know there's no love lost between Indians and Muslims, and leave it to Indians to treat a Muslim in this bizarre manner. (And that goes the other way around as well!)